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Russian films to be shown in Jordan

ROSKINO and the Royal Film Commission of Jordan organize Russian Film Days

On August 15, Russian Film Days begin in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Russian films will be screened for three days in the open cinema of the Royal Film Commission of Jordan. Local viewers can watch the family adventure, A dog named Palma; the tragicomedy, First snow; and the historical drama, A Frenchman. All the films will be screened with Arabic and English subtitles.

Russian Film Days in Jordan are being held with the support of the Ministry of Culture  of the Russian Federation and in collaboration with the Russian Film Festival.

Olga Lyubimova, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation says: “More than half a century of diplomatic relations between Russia and Jordan have made it possible even today to strengthen our cultural interaction and implement promising new projects. Holding Russian Film Days in Jordan is intended to be an important step in this direction. I am sure that modern Russian films will be highly appreciated by the Jordanian audience.”

Inna Shalyto, CEO of ROSKINO says: “Such events are an important tool for studying the market and audience preferences. Representatives of Jordan and other Middle East countries have shown strong interest in Russian film projects. The Russian film industry’s participation in the Middle East film markets indicated the potential for increasing the Russian presence in the cinematic landscape of the region and for developing joint projects with local players.

Program of Russian Film Days in Jordan:

A Dog Named Palma (dir. Alexander Domogarov Jr., 2020) is a family adventure film. The story based on real events that took place in 1974-1976 in one of the Moscow airports. Palma, a German Shepherd, is forced to part with her owner who flies abroad and the faithful dog is left on the airfield. Palma hides at the airport and meets planes every day in the hope that her owner has returned. Nine-year-old Kolya is also new to the airport. He lost his mother and moved in with his father, a pilot, whom he hardly knows. Palma becomes the boy’s soul mate and best friend.

First Snow (dir. Natalya Konchalovskaya, 2021) is a tragicomedy about the relationship between mother and daughter. The work raises philosophical and social questions about following conventional ideas about what constitutes success and happiness. Kristina, a graduate from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, can barely endure an internship at a consulting firm and the advice of her mother on how best to “sell” herself in the marriage market. Alice is the rude 10-year-old daughter of Kristina’s boss. When the first snow falls, Kristina and Alice will meet to take the first step towards freedom. 

A Frenchman (dir. Andrey Smirnov, 2019) is a historical drama. In 1957, a French student, Pierre Duran, comes to Moscow for an internship at Moscow State University, where he meets Bolshoi ballet dancer Kira Galkina and photographer Valera Uspensky. For a year in Moscow, Pierre lives a life completely different from anything he has known. But an internship and acquaintance with different aspects of the life of Soviet people is not the only goal of Pierre. He is looking for his father, the white officer Tatishchev, who was arrested in the late 1930s. A Frenchman was a participant in the 49th International Rotterdam Film Festival.