BCWW 2022 - RCW

Russian companies showing more than 160 projects at the recent South Korean content market Broadcast Worldwide (BCWW) 2022. The projects ranged from comedies about a matriarchy and the life of modern vampires to a mystical thriller about a women's boarding house and a documentary on an expedition to the Arctic. Russian cartoons were also popular, content buyers especially appreciated the pursuit comedy genre in the animated series about the adventures of the Wolf and the Hare.

Representatives of South Korea, China, India, and Malaysia were most actively interested in Russian projects.



BCWW, the Asia's largest broadcasting content market.

In addition to business meetings of domestic and foreign broadcast content industry, BCWW holds B2B programs such as, Conference, Showcase, Pitching and New Media Content Awards, as well as B2C programs.



Сеул, Республика Корея