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Russian Film Festival

The Russian Film Festival marks a new era for the Russian film industry. This is the first online project of its kind, aimed at such a wide international audience.

Our mission is to reintroduce Russian cinema to the world and let movie fans from all continents enjoy the wide variety of Russian feature films and animation. Throughout the years, Russian cinema has developed in many ways, and now is ready to offer diverse and interesting content to viewers of all ages. There is a new generation of talented directors on the Russian film scene; they masterfully blend our great cultural and historical heritage with modern trends and fresh perspectives on many global issues.

Having started with small steps, we are already thinking big – having launched festivals in four countries in 2020, we already have 2021 in mind and plan to continue this story on a much larger scale. Stay tuned and enjoy a great selection of Russian films wherever you are!

The Russian Film Festival 2020 kicked off on 9 November on the Hyvio in Australia; then the FilminLatino in Mexico came into play on 19 November. On 10 December, the Spanish Filmin and Brazilian Spcine Play joined festival program.

The program is tailored to meet all tastes and includes films of different genres: drama, thriller, comedy, historical film, sports drama as well as animation.

Russian Film Festival participants talk about the festival

‘When ROSKINO approached us with the possibility of hosting the 2020 Russian Film Festival for Australia, we were excited to partner with them on this new venture, which allows us to be a part of introducing some of Russian film’s brightest stars and stories to the Australian people’,
– MJ Angel, Founder, Hyvio (Australia);

‘Throughout the years, Russia has distinguished itself for its artistic avant-gardes and constant reinvention in film, awakening a big interest within the Mexican audience. By having this festival online, Russia and Mexico are strengthening the existing ties between both film industries, as well as fostering the exchange of ideas of two countries with great stories’,
– Fernanda Rio, Film Promotion, FilminLatino (Mexico);

‘Contemporary Russian cinema has the potential and ambition needed to reach the general Spanish public and we’ll put all our dedication and efforts to make it so’,
– Joan Sala, Programmer & Managing Editor, Filmin (Spain);

‘We are very excited about this partnership with the Russian Film Festival, as the Russian filmography is one of the most poignant and interesting in the world today. It is a perfect fit with our objective of spreading quality content in our country’,
– Dilson Neto, Head of Content, Spcine (Brazil).